Why You Should Have Project Host Make Dinner this Month

The Project Host Bakery Box offers you the opportunity to take a culinary journey around the world from the comfort of your home.

Join us for one last trip with the September Bakery Box, which will take you to Mexico, before we go on a holiday season hiatus. You’ll receive potato and chorizo tacos with tomatillo avocado crema, charro beans, tortillas, and a Mexican-spiced brownie. All items this month will come fresh, not frozen. Orders must be placed by September 15 and boxes will be available for pickup on September 21 from 12-4:30PM and September 22 from 9AM-4:30PM. Serves 4.

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About Project Host

Understanding Project Host is perhaps best done by focusing on our name. “Host” offers a nod to our origin at St. Andrew’s Church, but it has come to mean so much more. The nature of what we do is to welcome people of all walks of life to break bread with us. Our belief is that all individuals who cross our threshold and interact with us should be treated as guests: with human kindness, interest, warmth, and open minds and hearts.

The other part of our name, “Project,” reflects the constant growth and experimentation that runs through everything we do. We adapt and grow our programs to continue to meet community needs where they exist. As an organization, we are unfinished, and we always will be for as long as poverty and hunger exist in greater Greenville.

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