Why South Carolina’s Thursday Covid Report Should Get Your Attention

South Carolina reported 5229 new Covid infections Thursday and 60 new deaths. Our percent positivity rate is 14.5%. Things are bad and there appears to be no response from our state leaders on the subject. Greenville continues to lead the state with 509 new infections.

While Covid Deaths Remain Below All-Time Highs, Case Numbers and Hospitalizations are At or Above All-Time Levels in South Carolina

Hospital Numbers Paint a Scary Picture

2350 people are currently hospitalized in South Carolina with Covid. This number represents an 8.6% increase from last week. 373 of those individuals are on a ventilator. This is a 16.6% increase from last week. 546 Covid patients are in the ICU; a 6.6% jump from last week. 23 South Carolina hospitals are experiencing staff shortages in the face of rising admissions and very high – 86.1% – occupancy.

Vaccination rates in the state remain below 50% and are currently ranked 41st in the nation.

As mentioned in an earlier piece, South Carolina now has the highest per capita rate of Covid infection in the nation. Eventually this will catch up to us in the form of more restrictions on crowds, public events and activities that we currently enjoy. No one wants to go backward, but doing nothing has killed 146 people in just the past two days.

Reported Thursday, Sept. 02, 2021 11:00 a.m.

Data as of Tuesday, August 31, 2021 11:59 p.m.

Confirmed Cases 3,572604,166
Probable Cases 1,657141,991
Confirmed Deaths 449,403
Probable Deaths 161,340
Molecular Test Results 32,408 
Total Tests 9,624,036
Percent Positive 14.5%

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