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  • Why Wednesday’s Covid Data is So Unnecessarily Sad
    South Carolina reported 138 new deaths from Covid today. Of the Covid deaths reported in South Carolina, only 0.0082% of the cases involved Fully Vaccinated People. Additionally, only 0.0315% of hospitalizations involve Fully Vaccinated People. Sadly only 49.8% of South Carolina residents are fully vaccinated; ranking us 41st in the nation. Read SC DHEC data […]
  • Why Covid Vaccine Mandates Make Sense for South Carolina
    Governor McMaster wants to frame the Covid Vaccination efforts as a threat to commerce and personal choice. In a recent tweet reacting to new federal Covid Vaccine regulations, he responded with this: This incredibly short sighted response fails to grasp the bigger picture: Businesses have been greatly impacted from the pandemic, ending it quicker will […]
  • South Carolina Children’s Hospital Collaborative Calls For Masking in Schools
    Citing the alarming rate at which children are requiring hospitalization due to COVID-19, the South Carolina Children’s Hospital Collaborative (SCCHC) on Wednesday announced it is now providing a daily report showing the number of hospitalized children (ages 0-17) with COVID-19, the number of those children requiring ICU care, and the number requiring a ventilator. The organization also […]
  • Why DHEC Says Covid Vaccination and Mask are The Key to Ending Pandemic
    DHEC held a press conference today addressing the rise of Covid infections in South Carolina and in our schools. Read their new school guidance here. Key Points Mask Requirements May Be Issued on a Per Case Basis DHEC wants local school districts to be able to issue mask mandates on a per case basis DHEC […]
  • Why You Should Have Project Host Make Dinner this Month
    The Project Host Bakery Box offers you the opportunity to take a culinary journey around the world from the comfort of your home. Join us for one last trip with the September Bakery Box, which will take you to Mexico, before we go on a holiday season hiatus. You’ll receive potato and chorizo tacos with tomatillo avocado […]